EastEnergyService is Russian developer, manufacturer, integrator, and operator of innovative devices with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, united by information networks into effective urban infrastructure management SmartCity systems.
Since 2002, we create and integrate various devices, including radio modems, controllers, meters, sensors that can intercommunicate - collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data. These systems simplify urban infrastructure operating and effective decision making.
Intelligent outdoor lighting monitoring and control system
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Urban EV AC and DС charging stations network
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Ecological urban environment monitoring system
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Energy and urban facilities management system
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Moscow outdoor lighting control system
Using own LoRaWAN data transmission network (“SmartCity Operator” LLC) EastEnergyService had implemented and is operating Moscow city lighting intelligent monitoring and control system.
Within the framework of the project, EastEnergyService has built its own data transmission network Dispatch Center (with the help of dispatchers of the city of Moscow) and developed software for monitoring and managing urban infrastructure facilities. It is a place where information from all L.E.D. and gas-discharge street lights is being collected and analyzed
Remote individual / group control on a given schedule or the instructions of the dispatcher.
Targeted monitoring of the lamp operation status.
Determination of the emergency condition of the lamp.
Monitoring the availability of power supply.
Meeting the lighting networks regulatory requirements and reducing the level of traffic jams and accidents;
Fast lights damages recovery, effective accidents prevention;
Increasing the energy efficiency by adaptive lighting time and intensity adjusting;
Surplus city lights power capacity usage for urban infrastructure facilities (EV charging stations for cars and scooters, monitoring and notification systems, city communication services, alarm button, etc.).
System functions:
Tasks solved by the system:
Unique VES-EV charging stations are based on existing city lighting network. This allows to deploy a charging station network in a short time with no sufficient investment in infrastructure needed and makes it easy to deploy Intelligent outdoor lighting monitoring and control system as well.
Installation inside the city light post with it’s surplus power capacity usage, 24/7 operation.

Output power range from 3.6 kW AC to 100 kW DC (fast and ultra-fast stations) for models with rechargeable batteries.

Meet all technical requirements, including leaks protection, overvoltage, insulation control, etc.
VES-EV Features
3.6 - 22 kV power;
16/32 A lternating current;
1 phase/3 phase 220/380 V supply cable;
Mennekes Type 2 socket connection type;
Automatic switching off according to the tariff (day/night);
Controlling with mobile application;
Automatic cable lock while charging (optional);
Light indication (optional).
VES-EV - AС chaging station
Up to 100 kW power;
1 phase/3 phase 220/380 V supply cable;
Socket/cord CCC Combo2/ CHAdeMO (direct current) and Type 2 (alternating current) connection types;
Automatic switching off according to the tariff (day/night);
Controlling with mobile application;
Automatic cable lock while charging;
Light indication.
VES-EV - DС chaging station
Urban EV AC and DС charging stations network
Intelligent automatic limitation of output power when city lighting is turned on.

Automatic data transmitting to the electricity metering system (certified as the measuring instrument, all needed certificates are available).

Client application with payment option in accordance with the worldwide OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) standard.
Ecological urban environment monitoring system
Developed by EastEnergyService intelligent software and hardware complex of smart devices for road transport infrastructure monitoring, management and analytics.
system of eco-environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, fumes, noise, etc.);
system of roadway monitoring (temperature, vibration load, etc.);
alert system for emergency situations, cameras for traffic monitoring;
services urban infrastructure (Wi-fi module, alarm button, etc.).
The complex includes:
Ecological urban environment monitoring system allows to monitor and control the power consumed by city lights, making possible to use surplus power for VES-EV charging stations, installed inside the city light post without adding new connection to energy networks.
Based on of Intelligent outdoor lighting monitoring and control system infrastructure, this complex deployment supplements the abilities of Intelligent lighting network.
Modular integrated system for control and management of 6 -35 kV electric power facilities and municipal facilities based on a multifunctional substation controller.
Energy and urban facilities management system
System allows both simultaneously and separately to perform control and management, commercial and technological accounting, storage, display of information from consumer metering devices, including gas facilities, heat and water supply infrastructure. All modules are equipped with a security and fire alarm system for access control.
Management system includes:
Proven, tested, ready-to-implement solutions for the electric power industry based on a multifunctional substation controller (MSC):
35 kV substations solution
Under Corporate Rosseti Standart 34.01-6.1-002-2016:
TP light solution
Under Corporate Rosseti Standart 34.01-6.1-001-2016:
DS/DTS/TS 6-10 kV solution
Under Corporate Rosseti Standart 34.01-6.1-001-2016:
Solution for reclosers
Under Corporate Rosseti Standart 34.01-3.2-004-2016:
Discrete and analog data reading;
Remote control;
Data displaying and storage.
0.4 kV presence in lines;
Secrity, tecnological alarm.
Discrete and analog data reading;
Remote control;
Monitoring and management;
Integration with RPAE (relay protection and automatic equipment).
Interface module with up-level systems
Support of:
Monitoring and control module
Support of:
Commercial and Technical accounting module
Support of:
Storing and displaying information module
End-users devices integration module
Support of:
IEC 60870-5-101/104, SPODES, NTP, SNTP, etc.;
Meets Order of the FSTEC of Russia dated 14.03.2014 No. 31 requirements.
IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, NTP, SNTP, etc.
LoRaWAN, PLC, ZigBee etc.
Information Security software module
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