EastEnergyService offers reliable solutions based on the company's 20-year experience of developing, installing and operating infrastructure facilities management systems and devices.
We offer our solutions to urban utility services, energy complex, and end-users. We constantly expand the range of products and services and add new features to the existing ones.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for identification, tracking and maintenance of infrastructure facilities read more >>
End-point meters and controllers of infrastructure objects (power, water, brightness, voltage, temperature, penetration, etc.) read more >>
Street lights equipped with smart LoRaWAN controllers - one of the basic elements of Smart City systems read more >>
Multifunctional controllers - plugin-based solutions for track and manage connected devices , storage and display their data. read more >>
LoRaWAN base stations - provide data flows between end-point meters/controllers and central controllers read more >>
Dispatch centers - fast information evaluating and infrastructure management, including creating automatic algorithms read more >>
Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems
RFID marking system implementation allows to schedule and control the performance ongoing work at these facilities and to decrease damages in case of breaks and emergencies.
There is a wild range of infrastructure objects with scheduled maintenance, or needed to be quickly identified and repaired case of emergency:
water and gas pipelines,
energy facilities,
waste tanks,
connected infrastructure facilities,
gas infrastructure facilities, etc.
Service and repair teams has portable RFID tablets equipped with UFC frequency range readers (at a distance of up to 14 meters) GPS/GLONASS module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, and they can:
find and identify an infrastructure object on the map;
get all the information about the characteristics and installed equipment;
perform needed service operations according to the list;
after the service, to send a report on the work done.
energy facilities,
waste tanks,
water and gas pipelines,
connected infrastructure facilities,
gas infrastructure facilities, etc.
Universal water meter with built-in LoRaWAN radio module (HVAC and DHW) with data transmission to the IT Department of Moscow.

Developed and manufactured in cooperation with leading Russian enterprises, the metering devices are used in Smart City systems for data transmission. Thanks to 2-way communication they can be controlled remotely. Belong to class "A" devices according to LoRaWAN classification.
Embedded magnet detection, decapsulation, reverse flow sensors;
Automatic connection to LoRaWAN networks within 5 km range;
Automatic reading transmission to the IT Department of Moscow;
Easy installation with no special skills or equipment needed.

Electronic watermeter «ОУГ АКВА-35i-ЛОРА»
Power meter with built-in LoRaWAN module designed to calculatee and transmit electricity consumption readings to suppliers’ systems.
Up to 4 tariffs could be used;
External antenna socket;
Automatic connection to LoRaWAN networks;
7 km range in the urban landscape;
Resistant to spikes;
Remote power off;
Remote parameter programming.
Single-phase (three-phase) power meter «ОУГ ЭЛ-40СП-ЛОРА»
LoRaWAN tecnology-bsaed end-point meters and controllers
This streetlights are unique because, besides they meet all the necessary requirements for streetlighting priors, they are also equipped with LoRaWAN controller devices which provide for any city or territory, covered by the streetlights, the ability of fast and easy deployment of EastEnergyService’s SmartCity systems:
Groza streetlamps from EastEnergyService, are designed to light highways, city streets, parks, yards, industrial and producing areas.

There is 21 model of streetlights available with different LED lamps of various capacities, Ø 45-60 mm fastening, 12 years lifetime and IP (Code or Ingress Protection) 66 according to GOST 14254-2015 for both optical and electrical compartments.
built-in controller device installation inside the streetlamp housing;
Streetlights equipped with smart LoRaWAN controllers
Intelligent outdoor lighting monitoring and control system;
Ecological urban environment monitoring system;
Urban EV charging station networks;
Energy and urban facilities management systems.
Two options for controller device installation are available:
external controller device installation using NEMA plug in the top of the streetlamp housing.
Innovative controller with built-in 3G router aimed at high-speed wired and wireless connection of commercial and industrial facilities to the Internet. The MSC has durable housing made from industrial aluminum, it is equipped with two 10/100 Ethernet ports for LAN/WAN connection, two slots for SIM cards, industrial RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, and 4 universal I/O lines.
Multifunctional Substation Controllers (MSC)
The MSC provides complete integrated automation of electrical distribution facilities, helps to responds to challenges of telemechanic, emergency control, technical and commercial electricity metering. Customized solutions allow to automate lots of functions at minimal costs.
Simplification of control
Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to update the software and supplement MSC with additional sensors connected via RS232, RS483, Ethernet interfaces. Built-in exchange protocols allow to connect equipment according to the protocols of metering devices (Mercury, SET, Energomera, Modbus, IEC-60870-5- 101/103/104, IEC-61850, DNP-V.3)/
The MSC radio controller can transmit data via Ethernet, GPRS, NBIOT, LPWAN communication channels. It provides data transmission in conditions of restrained urban conditions where the telecom operators networks are unavailable.
Relaiable data transmission
The MSC radio controller allows to encrypt data transmitted over public networks using VIPNET, providing information protection both over GPRS communication channels and when transmitting information over the IOT channel based on LPWAN standards.
Information security
MSC key advantages are:
Energy monitoring and dispatching;
Management of auto reclosers, RTP, TP, boiler houses, water supply facilities and wells;
Electricity, water, heat metering with the possibility of local and remote control of computer-aided process control system of distributed objects;
IP video surveillance, on-line data transmission from/to remote objects;
Infrastructure objects access control, object monitoring;
Security systems (alarm, security and surveillance);
Computer-aided process control system of distributed objects;
Transparent access to digital equipment.
MSC is used to:
MSC characteristics:
Easy installation;
Fast delivery;
Ready to use;
Software for all needed performance tests, users training, data reading and analyzing.
Ready-to-use MSC boxes:
Wide range of supply voltages: 8-50V;
Standard industrial interfaces: RS-232 and RS-485;
Two SIM slots for reserving the communication channel;
Automatic switch between Ethernet and 3G networks;
Linux-based operating system can implement lots of network functions;
VPN protocol support: PPTP, L2TP, GRE/IPIP, PPPoE, IPsec, OpenVPN, etc.;
Support for NAT, MPLS, QoS, Ipv6, etc.;
Convenient local and remote administration via the Web interface;
Built-in Watchdog internal timer;
Transmission speed in UMTS networks - up to 7.2Mbit/sec.;
Operating temperature range: -40...+70°C.
Information is transmitted to the reference network via Ethernet connection or using built-in 3G modem. Weatherproof IP67-class housing allows outdoor installation.
The station is being used as a gateway server between the end-point device and the reference network. It has excellent radio transmission characteristics. It is used to build a network infrastructure in M2M networks.
LoRaWAN base stations «ОУГ БС-20СП-ЛОРА»
Up to 70,000 devices support;
Two-way communication;
Remote control;
IP67-class housing;
Up to 20 km range (up to 10 km in the urban landscape).
The station is able to serve up to 70,000 devices. The main power supply of the station is carried out according to the PoE standard (48V class 0, Max.: 13W). This allows to lay a single cable to the station, combining both power and Ethernet connection.
Using own LoRaWAN data transmission network (“SmartCity Operator” LLC) United Dispatch Center receive data about the current status of all installed LoRa WAN base stations, city lights, meter devices, controllers, etc. This allows to respond rapidly to any emergencies and abnormal situations.
EastEnergyService has built its own data transmission network Dispatch Center (with the help of dispatchers of the city of Moscow) and developed software for monitoring and managing urban infrastructure facilities.
Dispatch Centers
Infrastructure facilities monitoring and management
Under the project of Smart City systems implementation, EastEnergyService can provide their support and management with United Dispatch Center, or can help client to build his own Dispatch Centers room with the necessary functionality on the client side.
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